What is Koklaamo?

Koklaamo is a new concept for co-creation and experimentation by the City of Tampere (tampere.fi/en),

Koklaamo brings together companies, organizations and experts to develop new solutions and  business models to different challenges suggested by the citizens. Suggested challenges arise from the everyday lives of citizens.Examples of different themes presented in Koklaamo include traffic safety and communality.

To whom is it for?

Koklaamo is for companies and organizations who are willing to renew themselves and learn new ways to innovate and test new business models.

Koklaamo is also for experts from different areas who desire to network, develop their understanding of challenges faced by the local inhabitants and help companies to develop their products and business models to answer challenges in question.

Through our user-centered approach improved customer insight can be achieved, resulting in better and more effective solutions and new business opportunities.

Koklaamo is free for all participants. Business models and products developed in Koklaamo are property of the participating companies.

Who uses it?

Koklaamo is agile. Solutions are co-created together with companies, non-profit organizations, experts and end users in just four workshops. Innovations are born when different areas of expertise collide!

Every company or organization develops it’s own solution. The created products and business models are tested with the potential customers.

At the early phase of developing process, the service or product concept is tested with the end-users. This way we get the feedback straight from the potential customers whether this concept is interesting to the customer or not. This information is valuable to know whether we should proceed develpoing the solution or not, or what kind of modifcations should be done to make the solution even more attractive to the potential customer. Is there a demand for the developed solution or business model? What are the next steps in the developing process?

Tesoma city district in Tampere functions as a test bed for new solutions.

How can I join?

The presented themes and challenges vary. When a new Koklaamo starts, there’s an open application for companies and organizations interested in the theme in question.


Project manager
Lilli-Nora Siikasmaa
+358 40 658 7593

The process of Koklaamo is based on Lean Service Creation (LSC). LSC is a method developed to help when creating new solutions. LSC is developed by Futurice Oy.

Here you can find the canvases used in the Koklaamo process